What You Need to Know About Belly Button Fashion

By: Becky Heldmen


Belly button piercings are not for everyone, but those that choose to get them can easily become obsessed. These piercings can be placed in the skin directly above or below the belly button and they provide a sexy look that is terrific with crop tops and bikinis.


This article will take a look at some belly button styles so you know which fashion choices look best.


Early Piercings


Anyone who has gotten a piercing will know that the belly button isn’t the most convenient area to pierce. It is prone to getting dirt in it and rubbing against clothing and other items. However, with the proper care, you will enjoy a great piercing for years to come.


One early care recommendation is to stick with belly button rings that do not dangle. Studs will give your belly button the right amount of sparkle and it will limit the risk of irritation. These typically feature a stud or gem on the top and then a larger ornament that sits inside or around the belly button.

Here are some stud fashions you can choose from.


Gemmed Hearts


Crystal Cat


As the area around your navel starts to heal, you’ll be able to graduate on to wearing dangling pieces. Here the smaller stud will still appear above your belly button while the dangling piece will fall below it. Have fun wearing beaded looks, animals, shiny pendants and more.


Turquoise Teardrop and Feather


Aloha Sea Turtle


USA Flag


Belly Button Piercing Care


Belly button piercings are not as painful as some may think. Because they go into the fleshy part of the skin, they tend not to hurt as much as other piercings. However, they must be properly cared for to minimize the chances of infection.

Piercings can take 3 to 6 months to heal and during this time, the proper care is necessary. Here are some tips.


Stay Away from Pools and Beaches: The beach and pool are great places for showing off a belly button ring, but it might not be such a great idea to get in the water. Standing water collects bacteria which can get into the piercing to cause an infection. Therefore, it’s a good idea to spend the summer after your piercing staying poolside.


Make Sure Your Jewelry is the Right Size and Material: Migration and rejection is common in belly button piercings. To reduce the likelihood this will happen, use belly button jewelry made of quality metal like stainless steel. Also, make sure the barbell piece leaves enough room for swelling without irritating. If you are experiencing difficulty, see your piercer as soon as possible.


Use a Saline or Salt Bath: You can keep your piercing clean by washing it in a saline or salt bath every day. You do not have to fully soak in the solution. Rather, fill a cup and dip your piercing in. You can also press the cup against your skin to try and get the liquid into your belly button.


Protect it From Snagging: It is easy for a belly button ring to get snagged on clothing. This can cause irritation and it can even rip the ring right out of the skin. To keep this from happening, wear clothing made from materials that aren’t likely to snag. If you are really worried about snagging, you can put a bandage over the piercing while it’s healing.


Now that you know about belly button ring styles to wear as well as some essential care tips, you’re ready to go get that piercing. What will your first ring look like? 


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