Why Christmas Leggings are an Essential this Holiday Season

The athleisure wear trend is taking over as more people are wearing clothing that they feel like they can move in. They enjoy the freedom of being able to go from the gym to hanging out with friends to running errands without having to stop at home to change.

When it comes to athleisure trends, leggings are at the helm. People love the comfortable, stretch feel of these items and they like the fact that they can be worn for a variety of occasions.

Now that the holiday season is coming, it’s time to combine two of your favorite things, Christmas and leggings. If you love these items as much as we do, you’re in luck. Designers are making a variety of Christmas leggings that are the perfect way to ring in the holidays. Here are some looks you will love to wear whether you’re working out or hanging out.  

Jean Holiday Sweater Leggings

These leggings play on the ugly Christmas sweater look but they are made of a comfortable cotton fabric. They feature a great snowflake design. Their red and white color will go perfectly with a red or white top and sneakers or can throw some green in there to make your holiday look complete.

Jean Merry Christmas Leggings

This Christmas, why not gift wrap yourself? Well, that’s kind of what it will look like when you put on these bright red leggings that say ‘Merry Christmas’ all over them in various fonts. The leggings will also look great with red, white, green and other select solids…as long as they don’t clash with red!

Jean Holiday Sweater Leggings

These leggings have a sweater look that is perfect for a chilly winter day. The toned-down gray is offset by bursts of red and white. Think of adding clothing that complements in colors like gray, white, red or black.

Jean Classic Holiday Sweater Leggings

These leggings are probably the most fun of the bunch. The candy cane like stripes are complemented by cartoonish snowflakes and Christmas trees. Make the most of this exciting theme by adding reds, whites, greens and anything adorably holiday appropriate.

When Should I Wear My Christmas Leggings?

You can wear Christmas leggings for any occasion you would wear any other type of legging for. Here are some ideas.

·        Working out at the Gym: Make your workouts more fun by sporting Christmas leggings to the gym during the holiday season.

·        Running errands: Whether you’re heading out for some last minute food and gifts or going to the post office to mail some presents, these leggings will bring the cheer everywhere you go.

·        Hanging out With Friends: Getting ready to hang with friends for some pre-holiday celebrating? These leggings are the perfect thing.

·        Christmas Eve/ Christmas Day: Whether you’re hosting the holidays at your house or traveling to see friends and relatives, leggings make the perfect base for your outfit. They’re comfortable, convenient and completely adorable.

Just whatever you do…don’t wear these leggings in July or any time of year that’s nowhere near the Christmas season. That’s kind of gauche!

With the holidays on their way, you really can’t go wrong adding some great holiday leggings to your look. Which of these are your fave?

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