Wide Legged Pants are Everywhere. Here’s How to Get on Top of the Trend

If there’s one thing that’s trending in 2020, it’s wide legged pants. Think David Bowie, David Byrne 80’s looks all over again.

Wide legged pants are big for both men and women.

And while both Byrne and Bowie liked to wear wide legged pants suits, we can’t all be so lucky as to have an entire look put together. So how should we style these looks? Read on to find out.

Go Small with the Top

In order to counter the wide pants, you will want to wear a fitted top. The slim look will work perfectly to balance the look of the pants.

You don’t need to wear a top that’s completely fitted. While that will work, you can also wear a top that tucks in or one that blouses just above the waistline.

Of course, you can go with a completely oversized look but be prepared to be overwhelmed by the aesthetic.

If you’re wearing harem style pants like these, it’s essential to wear a fitted top. Anything else will be overwhelming.

Make it an Entire Outfit

If you’re having trouble finding out where to begin with your wide legged pants, start out with a wide legged jumpsuit. This will get you used to the look and you won’t have to worry about adding a second piece.

This two piece makes styling easy peasy. And the psychedelic pattern is the perfect complement for the long flowy look.

Do it With Jeans

The wide legged look is also overtaking jeans. While jeans will still be tapered to the knee, expect bottom flares out that are reminiscent of the 60’s and 70’s.

And because the jeans are tight on top, you have the freedom to wear looser cut shirts if desired.

These dark wash bell bottoms will go with just about anything.

Genie Pants

Genie pants are coming back and they are another way to sport the wide legged look. They make a psychedelic fashion statement and, I have a feeling, they will be dominating the athleisure wear trend. Their loose fit and tapered leg makes them perfect for yoga and meditation.

Genie pants will look best with a tightly fitted top, preferably a tee or a tank. Finish the look with a pair of barely there sandals and you are ready to grant wishes.

These genie pants are the ultimate in psychedelic fashion.

Professional Looks

Wide legged pants also make a splash at the office. Pick pants that feature one color or a classic print. Match them with a ruffly top or button front that tucks in. Elongate the legs with a pair of heels and you are ready to strike that deal.

The classic plaid print on these pants makes them office appropriate but the bright color brings high fashion fun and excitement. Add a classic blouse and some heels for the ultimate in professionality.

Bring the 80’s Back

Another version of the genie pants, crotch pants add a cultural style and make us all remember MC Hammer. With an oversized look like this, you are best off playing it safe with a fitted top, whether it be a tank or long sleeved.

You also want to wear shoes that don’t interfere with the bottom elastic. Sandals, pumps and low ankle boots will foot the bill.

These crotch pants are made of a darker, heavier fabric that makes them appropriate for more formal occasions. Be sure to wear a top that doesn’t cover up the detail near the waistline and go with shoes that will show off the great cut around the ankle.

Tight pants aren’t out of style, but if you truly want to keep up with fashion trends, 2021 will be all about wide legged looks. Which of these will you be adding to your wardrobe?

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