Your style. Your way.

There may be 7.7 billion people on earth but there is only one you.  At Schmidt Clothing, we get it.  You are unique and so is your style. We offer quality, affordable clothing to help you express your style, your way.  Meet some of our friends.  We know you will like them.


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Face - Your style. Your way.

Howdy Pete teaches middle school French, rides a motorcycle, collects rare samurai swords, listens to opera in the shower.   He mixes checks with plaids, loves floppy hats, and sports tangerine sunglasses.


Face - Your style. Your way.

Everyone takes Lydia at face value. BUT! She’s a cyber security expert who eats french fries with mayonnaise. She spends her weekends skydiving and hanging out with her pet salamander, Irving.   She likes natural fabrics, light colors and  finishes her look with a crimson velvet bow.


Face - Your style. Your way.

Say hi to Angus.

He’s a classically trained chef,  grew up on a farm in Arkansas, collects butterflies and competed in 5 Tough Mudder Challenges.  He sports a  forest green cotton t-shirt and durable khaki shorts.


Pants - Your style. Your way.

Sylvie turns heads wherever she goes.

She is an emergency room nurse who loves 40’s romantic comedy cinema. Her favorite flavor ice cream is peppermint stick and her parrot’s name is Wishbone.   She loves to mix and match fabrics from rugged denim to buttery silk.


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